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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I rent an apartment from ADCO?
    To rent an apartment from ADCO following things are required. 1) A completed and signed application with all addresses (including zip codes) and phones numbers (with area codes) provided. There is a $15.00 application fee through RentCafe. 2) We run a background and credit check, and based on this, we determine the security deposit. 3) Once we have received the security deposit, then we can start to do the paperwork for move in.

  • Is there snow removal?
    Absolutely! All properties except Patsy Lane where tenants have their own driveways are plowed and shoveled on a regular basis during the winter season. While in most instances snow is removed by the time our residents have to leave for work in the morning, some exceptions can arise in instances of significant snowfall.

  • Are pets allowed at the apartment?
    We allow cats with a non-refundable Pet Fee of $250.00 If there are two cats, we require a non-refundable Pet Fee of$400.00. There is also additional pet rent of $20.00 per month, regardless of whether there are one or two pets. We do allow dogs at Losson Garden Apartments, Arcade Apartments, and Birchwood Apartments. There is a limit of one dog, as well as a 20-25 pound full grown weight limit. The non-refundable Pet Fee is $250.00, and $20 per month Pet Rent is required.

  • What happens if there is an emergency in my apartment after regular business hours?
    ADCO defines emergencies as instances where a resident has lost power, heat, or water service in their apartment. ADCO has maintenance staff on call to address these issues 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Residents are given the Emergency Service Number to which they can call during emergencies.

  • Can I control my own heat?
    In most of our apartments, the heat is controlled by the tenant.

  • Will ADCO request to show my apartment?
    Adco will show your apartment once you have given thirty days notice to vacate until we have rerented it. We will give tenants notice of every appointment we make. Tenants can choose to be home or not for these showings.

  • Does ADCO require renter's insurance?
    Renter's Insurance is required to rent an apartment. You can purchase it through the same company that you get your auto insurance through and receive a multi-policy discount, or you can purchase it through Adco.

  • How quickly are service orders addressed?
    Depending on the urgency of the maintenance call, the work orders are completed within a timely manner. More urgent requests (water, heat, and/or plumbing issues, for example) will be completed as soon as possible.

  • Do you accept Rental Assistance/Section 8/Belmont?
    We do accept assistance, but you are still required to fill out an application, and pass a credit and background check.

  • What if something happens after I put down a security deposit, and I can't take the apartment?
    All security deposits are non-refundable, which is why we require everyone to sign a receipt of deposit when putting the deposit down on the apartment. When you sign this receipt, you are acknowledging that we will not refund the security deposit if anything should happen.

  • Do you have any apartments with two bathrooms?
    All of our complexes only have one bathroom, with the exception of the two bedrooms at Gloucester Avenue (3 and 5) that have one and a half bathrooms, and Terrace Park Apartments, our 55+ building, where some apartments have one and a half baths, or two bathrooms.

  • What is done to the apartment before I move in?
    We put a fresh coat of paint (or two if needed!) on all the walls. The carpets are vacuumed and shampooed, but sometimes we need to install new carpeting. The appliances are cleaned inside and out. The kitchen and bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned. We have the toilets sanitized. Lastly any maintenance issues are addressed and resolved.

  • Do you offer any shuttle services between the apartment buildings and campus?
    No we do not, but there are bus lines running from our properties to campus. The bus stops are located either in front of the complex or across the street.

  • Do you provide additional storage spaces?
    We do at some of our locations. We do not provide any storage at Terrace Boulevard, Ridge Road, Elmwood Avenue, and Concord/Gloucester. We provide storage lockers at all of our other properties ranging from 6 feet by 6 feet to 7 feet by 7 feet. Laverack Avenue is the only property where there is storage in the basement, but there are no lockers provided.

  • Can I bring my own appliances?
    We do not allow tenants to use their own appliances because we already provide them at each apartment. If the unit you are moving into has a storage locker, you may put your appliances in the locker. The only exception to this rule is where there are laundry hook-ups provided for the unit.

  • Can I have satellite television?
    We do not allow satellites to be installed at any of our properties. There are some buildings that have had satellite television installed in the past, and these units have been grandfathered into this rule. We will not allow any new installations going forward. The only exception to this rule is at the townhouses at Concord Court and Gloucester Avenue where we will allow tenants to put a pole in the ground and mount a satellite on said pole. The wires must be ran through the same hole in the back of the apartment that the cable wires have been run through. We will not allow any new holes to be drilled into the buildings by tenants.